The following individuals have paid dues to become members of Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc.

Founding Member

Jacqueline Cassagnol



Mario Alexandre

Daniel Allonce

Akia Blandon

Antonette Brown

Dwayne Brown

Joseph Pierre-Paul Cadet

Paul Cadichon

Jacqueline Cassagnol

Hans Cassagnol

Kevin Clarke

Mindris Liriano Crawford

Simone Desvarieux

Vital Desvarieux

Noah Doherty

Maureen Doyle

Gregory Emili

Bassie Friedman

Stephanie Hooper

Sabrina HoSang-Jordan

Jonathan Hotz

Jeff Hudson

Glennie L. Millard

Fred Lebrun

Steve Lee

Mireille Leroy

John C. Lindor

Micheal Mastrangelo

E. Sabrinah Montgomery

Fadjana Pierre

Sheila Presime

Julia Rivera

Darlene Roc

Kim Saucier

Patrice Sobecki

Mimosa StClair

Bibiane Sykes

Vince Sykes

Fred Tantao

Pascale Thony Joseph

Carmeline Torchon

Sciencia Torchon

Avion Urbain

Roxio Vasquez

Willy Vil

Frantz Wackman

Neil L. Winter Jr

Cliff Wood

Clem Yeboah

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Members make our mission possible.

Join us in preventing deaths worldwide through education and training. Learn more about the benefits of membership and join our community.

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