Celebrating Twelve Years of Teaching People and Saving Lives

WCFR celebrates 12 years of preventing deaths worldwide through education and training.

WCFR Journey Over the Years

  • WCFR Day is Official! This Year It’s Sept. 24

    A County Executive proclamation commemorates 5 years of teaching people and saving lives in Rockland. Read more…

  • WCFR: Improving Health in Haiti through Education

    Our poster presentation “WCFR: Improving Health in Haiti through Education”, which won an award at the HANA Annual Convention is now available online. Read more…

  • Collaborating Globally to Transform Haiti’s Healthcare

    International Nursing Research Congress, 2014 Theme: Engaging Colleagues: Improving Global Health Outcomes. Held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Read more…

  • Worldwide Community First Responder, Jacqueline Cassagnol

    In a year when an Ebola outbreak in West Africa demonstrated the vulnerability of our public health system, as well as the selfless dedication of health care professionals, Jacqueline Cassagnol’s growing notoriety is just what the doctor ordered. Read more…

  • Haitian Diaspora, Get Involved!

    “If only we knew what you are teaching us right now, fewer people would have died during the earthquake,” said a Haitian student during a first response training in Grand Goave, Haiti, in 2011. Read more…

  • When disaster strikes

    Empowering people to serve as first responders in their communities. Read more…

  • Who we are: Worldwide Community First Responder

    Nanuet-based nonprofit offers health education and training. Read more…

  • Rockland Nonprofit Teaches First Responder Training Worldwide

    Jackie Cassagnol traveled to Haiti shortly after a massive earthquake devastated the small country in South America in 2010. She returned to Spring Valley a changed woman with big ideas. Read more…

  • First Annual Haitian Heritage Night

    WCFR proudly participated in the The First Annual Haitian Heritage Night, organized by Ramapo-Haiti Twinning Committe. WCFR President, Jackie Cassagnol, is a member of the Ramapo-Haiti Twinning Committe.

  • Spring Valley Day

    Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc. proudly participated in the Spring Valley Day event with health education and disaster preparedness pamphlets, and information about upcoming WCFR educational and training programs.

  • Introduction of WCFR “Help Us Save Lives”

    Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc. hosted an Introduction to WCFR “Help Us Save Lives” event in Nyack, NY. The purpose of this event was to raise awareness of, promote and raise funds for WCFR.

  • WCFR Walk for Health

    WCFR Walk for Health is a new initiative of WCFR Health Education (one of the services provided by Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc.) WCFR Health Education focuses on educating community members worldwide of fatal health conditions and preventative measures.

  • FSIL Disaster Preparedness

    The FSIL Disaster Preparedness Project was created to establish sustainable non-government policies and procedures for disasters at FSIL, through Worldwide Community First Responder, Inc.

  • 2011 Worldwide Community First Responder was Founded

    WCFR was founded by Jacqueline Cassagnol with a mission to prevent deaths worldwide through education and training.

  • 1st Meeting on First Response Training

    The 1st known meeting of its kind focusing on first response training took place in Nanuet, NY shedding light on the need to commit training community members worldwide.

  • WCFR President Visits FSIL

    Through a program developed by Haitian American Nurses Association (HANA), WCFR President Cassagnol traveled to Haiti to teach FSIL students Geriatric.

WCFR 10+2 Anniversary & Fundraising Gala

WCFR 10+2 Anniversary & Fundraising Gala “Celebrating Twelve Years of Teaching People and Saving Lives” The Nyack Seaport, Nyack N.Y. September 29th, 2023.

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